14th June 2016

We’re still alive! Just been working away, when things go quiet is when we’re plotting something!! 😀  Currently in the process of finishing the edits to the 3rd book in the Keeping Secrets series where we follow new characters in the same world of Carwick! So stay tuned!


20 April 2014

The 2nd book in the Keeping Secrets series has returned from the editors! Now we start the hard work of fixing everything 🙂

The book will be released this Summer!! Check back for more updates!!


12 April 2013

Join in on the fun!

New Carwick Central Chat room

New Carwick Central Message Boards

Both new features are places where we can all discuss the world of Carwick and books my M. Latimer-Ridley, ask important and pressing questions that may have popped up and swap other great movie, book and t.v recommendations! Basically just somewhere fun to hang out!

And of course our Newsletter! Just a way of keeping in touch with things that may be coming up that are new and exciting!


10 February 2013

Find out about our new book, ‘Legend Unleashed‘.

We’ve a free short story, ‘Temperance‘!

Sign up to our Newsletter for all the latest news!


14th November 2012

Laura at her blog, fuonlyknew, put up a fantastic post helping us announce the release of our book. You can find the post here! Laura has a great blog, with loads of reviews of different books, you’ll get some great ideas for your next read from her, bookmark her now! 😀


19th September 2012

‘The Book’ was due to be published the 24th of this month, however it does seem like we’ll have to push the D-Day forward a bit, maybe by a week or two. Our editor is still currently working on our second round of edits and isn’t ready yet. It should see the light of day soon though!

On another note, Latimer and I have started to plan our next adventure, we’ve decided we want to visit Comic Con next July in San Diego. We’re getting excited just thinking about it! We’ve stars in our eyes but fluff in our pockets, so we’ve much to do to get there! But we will! 😀


8th July 2012

‘The Book’ is currently winging it’s way virtually to our editor, we’ve chosen Bubblecow. We can breath a sign of relief, for now. It’s in the hands of a professional editor, now we can wait and wonder how many changes will come back to us.

We’ll relish the challenge, can’t wait!


2nd July 2012

Our cover designer sent us an exciting present! It arrived in our inbox early this morning, the first peak at cover ideas for our book. They’re absolutely fantastic. She’s done a fantastic job and gave us 5 options to choose from. Unbelievable! Once the tweaks are done, we can’t wait to share our final choice with everyone!


15th June 2012

M. Latimer-Ridley have decided to self-publish! We’ve been toying with the idea for about a year now, longer even.

And the first thing on our massive long never ending to do list?

The book cover! We’re extremely excited (already, and nothing has really happened!) as we’ve commissioned an artist to create our book cover, so stay tuned we’ll share it all as well go!


18th May 2012

 M.Latimer-Ridley do Tokyo! For two weeks, we wrote, travelled through the warren of subways, ate all around us and took so many pictures, I think we’ve developed an addiction to our cameras!

See some of the blog posts here:  

Tokyo Time

Chance Meetings

Fantasy Dining

Tokyo Food Puzzles

Harajuku Girls You Got That Wicked Style

Advertising Jungle

Dreaming of Disney

Tea Shop

One Piece of What?

The 47 ronin


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